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How Accurate is Midnight Club: Los Angeles?

Posted November 6, 2008 by Myxo

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Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Rockstar’s first next-gen entry in the Midnight Club series, is quite possibly the hardest racing game I’ve ever played, right next to those 24 hour races in Gran Turismo. Yet, despite it’s incredible difficulty, the game is fun to play and easy to enjoy, frustration aside. Going with the namesake, Midnight Club is set in the city of Los Angeles, in fact, the developers promised that this game boasts the most accurate representation of Los Angeles ever seen in a video game, going more for the look and feel, rather than 1:1 street accuracy, like 2004’s True Crime: Streets of Los Angeles.

Does it live to the promise? Let’s take a look.

The Chateau Marmont

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

The Chateau Marmont in MC
Real-Life Counterpart

It is pretty accurate, they even managed to get the iPod billboard! What is not seen in the game picture is that even the little side street that curves off Sunset, like in the real life picture, is actually there. The sign for The Chateau Marmont, which is not seen in the real life picture looks exactly how it was represented in Midnight Club.

I love to come home after a hard day creating custom app development options for clients. Often times companies first consider custom software development when their business needs that cannot be completely answered with a commercially-available product or they need features other software products do not offer. It is challenging work since we need to work closely with the client to decide what the planned software's purpose is, who its intended users are, and what the exact business requirements are that the program should meet and sometimes the client is all over the place or they have budgetary and financial constraints or they have specialized information security and privacy concerns. And then, once it's all sorted out, there are often glitches that occur or people change their minds or....well you get the point. Some days go smoothly, and other days just seem as if we are putting out fires and scrambling like crazy. On those days I really like to chill out playing Midnight Club: Los Angeles. She its is incredibly difficult, but man is it fun to play. I can really let loose and let out all my frustrations on the game. Works like a charm.

Santa Monica Pier sign

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Real-Life Counterpart

It looks pretty much the same, aside from some minor differences. Notably, the cartoon-ish pillars at each side of the sign. In real life, Colorado Avenue turns into the Santa Monica pier and anyone is able to drive all the way down to the pier. In the game, Colorado Avenue ends at Ocean Avenue and the Santa Monica pier is it’s own separate entity.

Holiday Inn @ Santa Monica Beach

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Real-Life Counterpart

It looks like it, Rockstar even managed to get the Holiday Inn brand name. It’s right next to the Santa Monica pier in game much like real life. The only differences is the lack of white borders, the way the Holiday Inn sign is a little higher in game, and for some reason, the artists decided to add a parking structure that does not exist in real life.

The Georgian Hotel

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Real-Life Counterpart

Eerily accurate, both buildings to the side of the hotel are featured


Star Wars - A New Halo

Posted August 2, 2008 by Kevin


What if in “A New Hope” the incompetent Stormtroopers were replaced by Spartans from Halo?

Gruesome deaths that’s what!

Star Wars - A New Halo

Check out the lastest hilarious parody from the Escapist.


Kung Fu Grip: The Final Final Fantasy

Posted July 18, 2008 by Kevin

The Fine Bros have now released an epic ‘Final Fantasy” video in our continuing action figure series at The Escapist.

Faced with the final conflict, the heroes of Final Fantasy fight the final battle against their final foes. Finally…


Call of Duty 5 preview released!

Posted June 30, 2008 by Kevin

CoD 2/4 is all I really play these days, so I’m pretty stoked to see this new vid.

Check out the dude with the flamethrower! mmm pyro


Sick of soggy tennis balls?

Posted June 30, 2008 by Kevin

It’s winter here down under so it’s not the best time of the year to try and play tennis.

Not that I really can play tennis…

I still need to do my exercise so I might flail around with my wii controller and see if my virtual tennins skills and and better than my real life tennis (lack of) skils. Keep you eyes posted for a review soon.


Seems The Gears Have Rusted, “Snake’s Final Mission.”

Posted June 20, 2008 by Myxo

Snake's Final Mission!

Metal Gear Solid 4 was released last week to universal acclaim. Solid Snake’s final mission was a success. Benny & Rafi Fine of took this into account and present a new episode in the wildly popular Kung-Fu Grip entitled “Metal Gear Solid: Snake’s Final Days” on The Escapist.

Snake has cancer and thus begins his final mission. From killing The Simpsons family as an act of retribution to trying to end his problems with a grenade, Snake lives through hell in his final days as the cancer spreads. Snake’s final mission may not be glamorous, but it is funny as hell.


A Long Way from Friends, New Alone in The Dark Teaser.

Posted June 16, 2008 by Myxo

What do you get when you mix the unknown, the most visited urban park in the United States, and near perfect shooting accuracy? Aside from one hell of a movie, you get the latest Alone in The Dark teaser trailer by Atari Interactive and Eden Games.

Is Central Park really for the people?

The latest teaser asks this question which is the very basis of Alone in The Dark. After many strange occurrences at the park, from mutated trees to unusual bird and insect behavior, Edward Carnby returns to battle the mysterious, the paranormal, and the unknown. All in order to find out just what the hell is wrong with Central Park, the park worth $528,783,552,000 dollars.


More like Counting Calories, amirite?

Posted June 12, 2008 by Myxo

The Counting Crows with Wii Fit!

Hey, guys! Today, June 11th, is Sarcastic Gamer’s first birthday. To commemorate this, Jeromy “Doc” Adams (How You Killed Your Brand, Ring of Fire, Hey Mr. Thompson) has released a new parody music video based on Nintendo’s latest innovative peripheral, Wii Fit. The “Wii Fat Song” is a parody of The Counting Crows’ 2002 hit, Big Yellow Taxi, and tells the story of one fat man’s struggle with Nintendo’s Wii Fit, as he tries his hardest to lose weight.

This song is dedicated to everyone who will try anything, including this, to get healthy,” said Adam.

For those wanting the MP3 of this song, the standalone MP3 of the “Wii Fat Song” will be released to Sarcastic Gamer’s Humpday Update podcast subscribers on Wednesday.


Not Your Father’s V8! V8 Arcade coming to Xbox Live Marketplace.

Posted June 12, 2008 by Myxo

V8 Arcade Promo Shot!

Isopod Labs, a Santa Monica based developer, is currently working on V8 Arcade, a remake of the late 1990’s vehicular combat series, Vigilante 8 (…and it’s sequel, Vigilante 8 Second Offense.) created by Activision in part with Luxoflux. It is set for a Spring 2008 release.

V8 Arcade has been built from the ground up by “the original founders of Luxoflux and V8 developers.” In addition to multiplayer over Xbox Live, V8 Arcade will also feature local split-screen mode and five new areas based on the original Vigilante 8 levels.


Pyro Upgrade? Mmmph Mmmph!

Posted June 11, 2008 by AJ Thorpe

Pyro, from Ignis Solus

According to Valve, they are “almost” finishing up an upgrade to everyone’s favorite purse welding pyromanic, Pyro. After the wildly successful Medic achievement pack release, Valve started work on fixing up the Team Fortress 2 class that had the shortest life expectancy right next to the Scout.

The new update to Team Fortress 2 will include Meet the Sniper, the next video in the Meet The Class… series, new Pyro class based achievements, and new items for the Pyro, such as the Axtinguisher (still in concept form), which is just like the normal Axe weapon, except hitting someone that’s on fire with the Axtinguisher will guarantee a critical hit. The new update will also fix some of the mechanical problems with the Pyro, which are long overdue.

Based on Valve Time, it will be released in a few months.


GTA IV - The Niko rejects

Posted June 5, 2008 by Kevin

It aint easy getting a good computer game actor these days. Between washed up actors, racoon pimps and russian wrestlers how’s a game developer supposed to find a suitable star.

GTA IV Niko wrestler reject

“The Escapist” has teamed up with internet superstars Benny & Rafi Fine of on a new comedy web series called “Kung Fu Grip”. Check out their first episode, which parodies Grand Theft Auto IV, based around various well known characters auditioning for the lead character, Niko Bellic.

Alone in the dark…

Posted May 16, 2008 by Kevin

The original Alone In The Dark was one of first game that had the real suspense and fear factor. The next installment is due out soon and looks to up the ante in that department. Check out the first video preview.

Update: their video code doesnt seem to work to well but you can check it directly.


Would you like to play unreleased games for free?

Posted May 14, 2008 by Kevin

Here at irserious we get regular requests to see if we would like to review upcoming games. Personally I don’t have the time these days to play many games, so this gives you an opportunity to do gaming.

If you would like to receive a free copy of unreleased games in return for writing up what you thought of it, then drop me an email at and we’ll add you to the review team.


Grand Theft Auto IV In The Guinness World Records

Posted May 13, 2008 by Kevin

Grand Theft Auto IV had made history with some new entries in the Guiness World Records.

For the most violence in a game? No, but maybe true.
For the most hookers in a game? No, but maybe true.
For the most drugs in a game? No, but maybe true.
For the most dollars in a game? No, but getting warm.

Newly-released sales figures show Grand Theft Auto IV has crushed the competition by selling 3.6 million units and earning $310 million in its first day of release. Its achieved the Guinness World Records™ for the Highest Grossing Video Game in 24 Hours and the Highest Revenue Generated by an Entertainment Product in 24 Hours.

This establishs GTA IV as the most profitable entertainment release of all-time, kicking butt other video game, film and book releases. According to Guinness World Records™, this is how the game stacks up against the old competition:

Fastest-selling video game in 24 hours: Halo 3 at $170 million
Fastest-selling theatrical movie in 24 hours: Spider-Man 3 at $60 million
Fastest-selling book in 24 hours: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows at $220 million